Rubrics in courses

Follow courses offer two different types of evaluation rubrics that teachers can use to gauge student learning:

  1. Mini-rubrics (CS Discoveries 2019-2020 - only) NEW!
  2. Project rubrics (CS Discoveries, CS Principles, Course E, and Course F)


What are mini-rubrics?

Mini-rubrics are small, embedded rubrics that evaluate a single key concept and are tied to select programming levels. They provide details about the level’s key concept, outline ways students can demonstrate their understanding of that concept, and let teachers quickly evaluate a student’s performance on the level.

How should I use mini-rubrics?

If a teacher fills out the mini-rubric for the student and clicks “save and share,” this feedback will be automatically available to that student in the Feedback tab on the level. Teachers can update mini-rubrics and teacher feedback as many times as they want so students can make corrections to their work and resubmit it for teacher review.

Mini-rubric details cannot be edited by teachers, but you can use the teacher feedback box to provide additional context or details to students if you wish.

Where can I find mini-rubrics?

Mini-rubrics can be found on select programming levels in the CS Discoveries 2019 - 2020 course. Teachers can see mini-rubrics by clicking the “Feedback” tab on programming levels that are marked as recommended assessment opportunities.

Students and teachers can also see these rubrics before they start working on a level by clicking the “Key Concept” tab on a level with a mini-rubric.

Once teachers send feedback to students, students can find their mini-rubric evaluation under the “Feedback” tab.


Project rubrics

What are project rubrics?

Project rubrics accompany some larger programming projects and provide a recommended set of concepts for teachers to use when evaluating a student’s progress on that project. The rubrics are available as Google Docs, Microsoft Word documents, or PDFs.

How should I use project rubrics?

We recommend sharing project rubrics with students when you assign a project (note: in CS Discoveries, these rubrics will be available to students on the first level of a project lesson). This makes expectations for students clear before the project starts. Teachers are also welcome to save a copy of the rubric for themselves and make edits that are relevant to their classroom(s) and students.

For some projects in CS Discoveries, we’ve include Sample Marked Rubrics that demonstrate how six different sample projects with different levels of evidence could be evaluated using the rubric. Look for these Sample Marked Rubrics in the Teacher Markdown area of the project instruction level.

Where can I find project rubrics?

Project rubrics can be found within select Lesson Plans under the links header on the first page of the plan. Generally, programming projects that are also recommended assessment opportunities have rubrics available.

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