Getting your child set up on at home


Do you want your child to work on activities while school is out? Great! will continue to work for your students at home the same as it does when they’re in school (check system requirements). Read on to learn more about how to get started and signed in. 

Step 1 - Get your student signed in to - 

Students don’t need an account to access many resources, but if they don’t create an account, their progress on lessons won’t be saved, and they won’t be able to save any projects they’ve been working on. If your student already has an account they use at school, signing in with that account will give them access to what they were working on there. 

My student already has a account at school

Have your student sign into using their account to get access to what they’ve worked on in the past and save their future work. There are a few different options for signing in to

Word or picture passwords: Students who have word or picture passwords will need their 6-letter section code to sign in. To sign in, have your student: 

  • Go to the sign in page
  • Type in their section code (6 letters)
  • Choose their name from the list that appears
  • Then either choose their secret picture (picture password) or type in their secret words (word password)

Email and password: Students who have an account associated with their email address can sign in with it on the sign in page


Google, Facebook, or Microsoft accounts: If your student signs in to via their Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account, they should use these options on the sign in page:mceclip0.png

Clever account: If your students have a account they access through Clever, they should sign in to Clever first, and then navigate to from there. To log into the Clever Portal, go to your district’s Clever login page. If you don't know your district's Clever login page, you can go to and look for your school. If you cannot find your school, please ask your teacher where you should go to log into Clever (learn more). 

Did your student forget their username or password? Check below for options for account recovery.

My student does not have a account

You can create a new student account for your child by going to the Sign Up page here

If your student already has a Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account, they can create a account using their login credentials from one of those services. From the Sign Up page, choose the service you want to use from the Create Account screen.


If your student is old enough to have an email address of their own (school or personal email), they can create an account using that email address on the Sign Up page. Make sure to select ‘student’ from the Account Type drop-down on this page.


If your student is too young to have their own email address, please create a student account using your email address from the Create Account page. Then you can help them sign into the account when it’s time to use Remember: Email addresses are not stored in a form that allows us to contact students. Students will never receive emails from except for password recovery. See our privacy policy for more information.

My student forgot their username or password

If your student does not remember their username or password, they can do the following:

  • If your student signs in with a word or picture password, you’ll need to contact your student’s teacher to ask them for your student’s word or picture password and the six letter section code they use to sign in today. Once you have that information, they can sign in using the sign in instructions above. You can also connect your email address to your child’s account so you can help reset your student’s password from home in the future.
  • If your student signs in with an email address that can receive email they can use the "Forgot Password" link listed on the sign in page to reset their password. If you've connected a parent email address to their account that can receive email, you can also use the Forgot Password step above.
  • If your student signs in with an email address that is the same as their email address for Google, Microsoft, or Facebook, they can go to the sign in page, tap the button that corresponds with their account type, and then use the account recovery options provided by the third-party account provider


Step 2 - Find your student something to work on 

This page has many options students can learn from while they are not in school!


Step 3 - Sign up for updates from

Sign up here to receive email updates from us.

Step 4 - Support your student as they're learning

  • Learn how you can support your student as they're learning, even if you don't know how to code.
  • Ask your student to show you what they're working on (learn more)
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