How do I view a student's code on an individual level?


As a teacher, you can view and run your students' code on a specific level. This is offered in all K-12 courses of ours, except for some Hour of Code courses, such as Minecraft, Star Wars, and Frozen courses.

To view your students' submitted code, first go to the level you want to check work on, within a course. Alternatively, you can visit the "Progress" view for a section of yours, then clicking on a student's name or individual level bubble listed there.

Once you’re viewing a level, click the blue arrow on the right side of your screen to bring up the teacher panel:


The teacher panel will show you dropdown options for selecting a section and a list for selecting students within that section.


  • Choose a student from the list to see their submitted work for that puzzle.
  • Choose "me" to see your work on that puzzle.
  • You can see a timestamp of what time the student last worked on the level in the blue teacher panel.

You can also leave feedback for students on most programming levels in CS Discoveries and CS Principles (learn more), or via the Code Review feature within CSA (learn more). 

Want to learn more about assessing student work?

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