What are the differences between student and teacher accounts on Code.org?


When signing up for an account on Code.org, you'll see a dropdown list asking you to select between a student or teacher account: 


The primary difference between teacher and student accounts is the ability to see and use teacher dashboard features, such as creating class sections, creating student accounts, assigning courses, and viewing progress. Both account types can see and access any course on the site!

Teachers or parents should always sign up for a teacher account, even if you are wanting to get the "student experience" on Code.org

This is because 100% of our courses and lessons will appear and function identically for both student and teacher accounts. The only difference is that teachers can see solutions within those lessons. There's no need to sign up for a student account just to get the student experience;  especially because signing up for a student account can prevent you from self-upgrading to a teacher account in the future, if you ever join another teacher's section. Learn more about changing between account types here. 


Teachers can also mass-create accounts for their students, which don't involve any email addresses associated! For more info, see our guides on setting up sections and accounts for students. 

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