Finding a course for your students


When getting started on as a teacher, you'll first want to find the right course for your students to work through. Visit our courses page to find this interactive chart on what courses would be most applicable for a given grade or grade range. 


We offer several shorter Hour of Code courses, and longer main courses (listed above in the chart) which have accompanying curriculum and in-depth lesson plans. You can find all accompanying curriculum for all of our courses through the guide here. On that same courses page, you'll find links to each of our Hour of Code activities (updated each Fall), and links to various tools and resources for your classroom, including:


Once you've decided on a course for your students, you can:

  1. Create a class section. Learn more.
  2. Assign an existing class section to one of our courses. Learn more.
  3. Track students' progress. Learn more.
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