Setting up sections with Google Classroom or Clever


Step 1: Sign in with your Google or Clever account

You will need to make sure you sign into your account through Google or Clever before you can sync with these providers.

To sign in with your Google Account, click on the “Sign in with Google account” option from the sign in page:


Note: If you currently sign in with an email and password, as long as the email address of your Google Account matches the email address for your account, you will be able to sign in with the Google Account option. If the emails do not match, you can go into your account settings and update your email address from there so it matches the email address of your Google Account. Then, sign back out and "Sign in with Google Account."

To sign in with your Clever account, go to your Clever dashboard and click on the logo:


Note: We are actively working on allowing users to connect their Clever account with an existing account in case you were using an account with Clever before but now want to use the Clever integration. 

Step 2: Create a new section

Go to “My Dashboard” and click on the option to create a new section. This should pop up a dialog with an option to sync with either Google Classroom or Clever, depending on which provider you are using:


Step 3: [First-time only, for Google Classroom] Authorize to use Google Classroom

The first time you try syncing a section with Google Classroom, you will need to authorize to use Google Classroom. Click the link that says “Click here to authorize Google Classroom.”


You should get something like this:


Make sure you choose the email address that matches with the Google Account you are logged in with!

Hit “Allow” on the next dialog.

Step 4: Choose the section you want to import


Step 5: Fill out section details

Once you choose a section, you should see the dialog that lets you fill in your section details.  

Step 6: Hit “Save” to finish creating your section

Once you hit “Save” in the section details dialog, you’ll have finished creating your section with Google Classroom or Clever!


FAQ & Troubleshooting Tips

How do I re-sync my list of students?

If your Google Classroom or Clever roster gets updated, you can sync your list of students in by going to your section, clicking on the “Manage students” tab, and hitting the button to “Sync students from Google Classroom” or “Sync students from Clever.”

How should my students be signing in?

If your students are using Google Classroom, they should go to the sign in page and click on the option to “Sign in with Google Account" on the right side (not by typing their credentials on the left). 

If your students are using Clever, they should go to their Clever dashboard and click the logo.

What if I sign into my account with an email address and password, instead of my Google or Clever account? 

You can link your account to your Google or Clever login through your account settings page. Just follow the instructions here

What if I created a section without Google Classroom or Clever and now want to sync my section with one of these tools?

The best way to deal with this situation is to create a new section from scratch using the instructions outlined in this article. As long as your students were already signing in with their Google Accounts or Clever Accounts, they will get to keep using the same account in your new section. Therefore, their progress should not be lost.
If your students are not already logging in with their Google or Clever accounts, then the same response to the earlier Q&A ("What if I sign into my account with an email address...") applies.

I keep getting an error while trying to create a new section or sync an existing one. What do I do?

Most likely, your overall authentication from Google Classroom or Clever has expired, which happens often. Log out and back in to through the the "Sign in with Google" link for Google Classroom, and the Clever portal for Clever. 
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    Thomas Petra

    Adding a class from Google Classroom wasn't working. I'm the admin so I found a setting in Google admin to allow Classroom API access. I enabled this for our Faculty group and now it works. So, you might want to mention something about Google admin settings. Thanks

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