Can 2+ teachers share access to a classroom section?



We do not currently offer an explicit feature to share ownership of one section with multiple teachers. That being said, we do already offer a few workarounds that allow other teachers (as in, teachers different than the original section creator) to be able to view progress of the students within that section.

  • If you want to share your full teacher dashboard's progress view with someone else (such as another teacher or school admin), you'll need to share your login credentials with them.
  • Alternatively, you can copy your students accounts into another teacher's section. The other person just needs to have a teacher account. For more details on co-sharing a section with others, see this article . For more info on moving / copying students, see this article.
  • Lastly, and our most frequently-used workaround: students can join any other teacher's section at any time, while preserving progress and staying in the original section as well. Students who are signed in can join another teacher's section from (where they can enter a 6-character section code), which will allow both the original and new teacher to view their progress.
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    Much needed feature. Please add co-teaching.

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    Michael Saretzky

    I agree with this as well. I am a technology coach in my school, so I have had classes start with coding, and would like to hand it over to their regular classroom teacher, or share it.

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    Dianne Krause

    This is a needed feature! I'm a tech specialist and set up all accounts but the teachers can't track their student progress. I cannot share account credentials because ALL the classes in multiple schools are on the account and it is a privacy issue. Please CODE this (hah, see that pun) so we can add co-teachers on our accounts. Many many websites allow this so I'm unsure why cannot get this done as it is a highly requested feature!

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    Hilliard Gifted

    Can't wait!

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