Can two or more teachers share access to student sections?


We're working on updates to allow for teachers to co-manage sections, but at this time we don't allow merging of accounts or sharing of sections between more than one teacher account. We would recommend just changing the credentials of one teacher account overseeing all students to something that is easily shared among many parties. 

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    Marlinda Beachy

    I wondered if two or more teachers can share access to one account, and see that they cannot. If I create one teacher account for all students in my elementary school and share that info with all teachers, does that have to have a valid email account attached to it?

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    Dave Blanchard

    Having co-teachers in classes would be perfect for media specialists/tech teachers who are working on with their classes and want to share it with the classroom teacher! Love the fact that sign-in with Google works so well... I hope that co-teachers is a highly rated request!

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    We would love to be able to co-manage accounts!

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    Oscar Sosa

    Yes! This is needed - similar to the co-teaching option in Google Classroom.

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    Another vote for this feature. Very useful for classes with multiple teachers as well as Computing Subject Lead it would be excellent to have access to seeing progress across all the classes in my school.

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    Mrs. Speer

    I also think this would be a fabulous feature to add, as I am a tech teacher and got the students started with Hour of Code and starting a course, but now teachers are asking to see where their students are.

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