Can two or more teachers share access to student sections?


This is a highly requested feature, but unfortunately, we don't currently support merging of accounts or sharing of sections between more than one teacher account. There are two work-arounds you could try if you are co-teaching a class with another teacher:

  1. [Recommended] Students can be joined to infinitely many sections at once, so you and your co-teacher can both have your own sections and have the students join both sections. Students can join the second section via section code (if using email, secret word, or picture accounts) or you as the teacher can copy the students into the other section via the Manage Students tab - see the guide on moving students for this process. This option will allow both of you to see the students' progress and leave feedback for students on their work. If you do choose this solution, we recommend using only one section to control classroom settings like hiding / showing lessons or assigning material to the students. 
  2. If you are comfortable doing this, you could also change the credentials of one teacher account overseeing all students to something that is easily shared among you and your co-teacher. 

Through either of these methods, both you and the co-teacher will be able to see all student progress, in any course.

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    Marlinda Beachy

    I wondered if two or more teachers can share access to one account, and see that they cannot. If I create one teacher account for all students in my elementary school and share that info with all teachers, does that have to have a valid email account attached to it?

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    Dave Blanchard

    Having co-teachers in classes would be perfect for media specialists/tech teachers who are working on with their classes and want to share it with the classroom teacher! Love the fact that sign-in with Google works so well... I hope that co-teachers is a highly rated request!

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    We would love to be able to co-manage accounts!

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    Oscar Sosa

    Yes! This is needed - similar to the co-teaching option in Google Classroom.

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    Another vote for this feature. Very useful for classes with multiple teachers as well as Computing Subject Lead it would be excellent to have access to seeing progress across all the classes in my school.

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    Mrs. Speer

    I also think this would be a fabulous feature to add, as I am a tech teacher and got the students started with Hour of Code and starting a course, but now teachers are asking to see where their students are.

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    Sarah Miller

    Yes, please add the ability to have co-teachers on a section. I teach technology in all our K-6 classes, plus enrichment groups & clubs, and the homeroom teachers should be able to see their students progress, as well. Thanks!

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    Mrs Main

    I time-share a class with another teacher, would be really helpful if we can both access it / share the students 'files' but will have to work around that until it's possible.

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    Mr. Johnston

    I'm a instructional coach around the use of technology at several buildings. Being able to have more than one teacher per class would be a huge benefit to for students and staff. Particularly teacher librarians and other non-classroom teachers.

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    LS Tech

    This is a MUCH needed feature! I, too, am a technology coach using resources in a whole lower school of classrooms and would love to be able to share progress with a classroom teacher. Please, please, please allow this!

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    Mrs. Hahn

    I work closely with our LRC teacher and both of us having access would be beneficial. Thanks for looking into a way to make this part of the program.

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    Yes please! I teach 1 day a week in a class and I would love to share access to the class with the other teacher. I'm also doing some eLearning help in my son's class and it would be awesome to have the teacher linked to the account. Thanks!!!

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    We would love this feature as well. We are doing a TEALS type approach for AP CSP

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    Yes please!

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    Jenn Petraglia

    Yes please! We have several special ed teachers wanting to support the gen ed teachers

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    Mrs. Mendoza

    Yes, please work it out for us and if possible, let us know when it is available!

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    Andrea Hoffmann

    I agree, this is a much needed feature. We are using with all of our elementary classrooms and have quite a few teachers that job-share. I am a tech coach that oversees the coding program and too would love to have access to each class. Please make this a possibility!

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    Much needed feature. Please add co-teaching.

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    Mrs. Jordan

    Our school could certainly use teachers sharing accounts. I'm a Tech at my school. I've been able to set up accounts for teachers in the past, however, teachers then cannot monitor their students. This feature is greatly needed.

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    Michael Saretzky

    I agree with this as well. I am a technology coach in my school, so I have had classes start with coding, and would like to hand it over to their regular classroom teacher, or share it.

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    Dianne Krause

    This is a needed feature! I'm a tech specialist and set up all accounts but the teachers can't track their student progress. I cannot share account credentials because ALL the classes in multiple schools are on the account and it is a privacy issue. Please CODE this (hah, see that pun) so we can add co-teachers on our accounts. Many many websites allow this so I'm unsure why cannot get this done as it is a highly requested feature!

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    Iris M. Garcia

    would love to see this happen!

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    Hilliard Gifted

    Can't wait!

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